The Rifleman’s Rifle :
Rifleman's rifle
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The definitive work on the Winchester Pre-64 Model 70, authorized by Winchester (both Olin Corporation and U.S. Repeating Arms Co.) with over 350 pages and over 500 photographs (many in full color) is an in-depth study of the Model 70, 1936-1963, and presents fresh information on the Model 54 and the new Model 70. Factory blueprints, records of “Net Orders Received,” shipping ledgers, and the “Basic Nomenclature List” were analyzed; catalogs for every year were studied. In short, this is the MOST COMPLETE REFERENCE BOOK PUBLISHED ON THE MODEL 70.

R.L. Wilson. Winchester An American Legend, “A Model 70 book with exhaustive information is Roger Rule’s The Rifleman’s Rifle, a tome every Model 70 collector must have.”

Frank De Haas. Bolt Actrion Rifles. “WOW, what a book! The Rifleman’s Rifle — it is grand. You were the right person to have written it…”

Jim Carmichel. Outdoor Life. “Let me tell you that I think your book on the Model 70 Winchester rifle is absolutely wonderful. The work you put into this book is astounding.”

American Rifleman. “…the Winchester pre-64 Model 70 rifle is covered in exhaustive detail — 368 p. “For those who would like to delve further into the history and development of the Model 70, we recommend The Rifleman’s Rifle by Roger C Rule.”

Sarah :
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This is a novel of Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the Winchester rifle fortune, who, after the deaths of her daughter and husband, was told by a Spiritualist medium that evil spirits, killed by Winchester rifles, were now avengingly murdering her family. Given advice to thwart them, she moved from New England to California, becoming an early feminist and creating a new life for herself: one of eccentricity, romance, and intrigue, while overcoming powerful forces against her and building one of the largest homes in American history. Today, the Winchester Mystery House is open for tours.


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